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Welcome to my world :)

Dear Rider,

Ya, right, this is not a spelling mistake. I meant rider, not reader 😉

I am glad to welcome you to this new blog. Now, please fasten your seatbelts. It is highly recommended that they stay fastened thoughtout your stay on this page. Probably you will encounter strong turbulence because of the mixture of wise thoughts and absolute non-sense 😀  with the strong predominance of the last. I want to share what I discover everyday with people interested in the same staff, so please look at the labels before losing your time in riding the wrong roller coaster. Keep your hands busy in the air, you are already fasten, so feel free to enjoy the journey 🙂

This blog will be concerned with…anything from photography, sociology, advertisement, HR, creative design to green tea, music, parties, travelling, CS, relaxation and some other random weird staff 😛  Sometimes it will just give you the direction to another ride 😀 Be brave and click on the link, this is created for friends, so I won’t give you a link to a virus. Trust me 🙂

I am relatively new to the blogosphere, so any advice and critic will be useful.

Have a happy day! 🙂


P.S. This is created in honour of my dear Facebook friends, so that they can slightly reduce the SPAM in their news field.