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Mass production, mass waste of food

Have you ever wondered what happens to the reduced food in the supermarket, which is reduced because the expiration date is today? Probably you haven’t, because it ‘s obvious they throw it away. Oh, wait! What about the starving nations all over the world? Well, if they had enough food they wouldn’t be starving and there wouldn’t be such a category, and we won’t be able to feel sorry for them and feel good about ourselves, in the sense we are not dying from hunger 😛

I had dinner with one of my flatmates Mario. He works in Sainsbury’s part-time and he said they throw away lots, lots of products, because they had gone bad. Leave alone food like vegetables and fruits,which has short life, they throw away a lot of meat. Btw he has been a strict vegetarian for the last 5 years, so you can imagine how passionate and angry he gets while telling me the story. It is not only about killing the animals, but about killing and throwing them away. Waste! So I am thinking… Marketing. I know, it’s cruel thinking 😛 , but if it can reduce the animal victims a little bit why not. If a producer set the expiration day a day earlier than normal and instead of throwing away that food, the company donates the products to a homeless shelter, for example. That will definitely reduce the profit at first, but with a good marketing, it might become a brand that people buy just because of this gesture. Well, people buy food all the time anyways. If they buy these products they can support a brand that do good. It’s an environmentally friendly idea, contributes to the local community, spreads love, ticks a lot of boxes. The only crack is that this will leave surplus of food that is unused, which screws all the producers.

What if the supermarket takes the reigns and gives away all their almost expired food for charity. Their loss will be even bigger, because they probably sell 15% (got to check this figure, sorry) of their products just before expiration, when they are on sale. On the other hand, such practice might attract a lot of customers, because this will guarantee fresh food. If it’s promoted the right way, it might bring in a lot of new regular customers, because of the idealistic, green, lovely behaviour of the supermarket… 🙂