Light graffiti- photo of today

Light graffiti by Moniquezzz
Light graffiti, a photo by Moniquezzz on Flickr.

Th!s !s what !nsomn!a leads 2 🙂
One sleepless night I was awfully bored. Had an idea of a stop- motion movie, but needed something like subtitles to be added to it and this is what came to my mind… light subtitles.. well, it didn’t really work out for the purpose they were meant to be, but here we go, you can see yourself.
Interesting fact: one of the first Light artists is Ray Man. He has an amazing portfolio of not only photographs, but also drawing, paintings, etc. In fact, his “Space writings” are not as impressive as his other works. They look more like Gilbreth’s photos used for time and motion studies rather than inspiring artworks, but still quite an innovation for his time.

You can also check out a collection of beautiful examples of proper light graffiti  here 🙂

Enjoy 🙂


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