Be Cool Original Geeky

Lame glasses by Moniquezzz
Lame glasses, a photo by Moniquezzz on Flickr.

Entered a shop to buy a hair band and ended up buying glasses and what glasses I got…

It is all about the marketing of the product. One can see the pile of sunglasses on a stand and then in the corner  the light is shinning on a set of special “Be Cool” Clear Lens Black Frame Wayfarer Glasses.
They look ridiculous, but that’s exactly what people need sometimes to see something totally out of place so they smile, even laugh, cuz as they say life is too short to take it seriously. In addition, I need glasses for cycling during night, cuz sunglasses are dangerous after 8pm 😛 So why not buy them. I will be original 😛 How lame… But I bought them yesterday.

Last night was the Night of museums in Budapest, so I jumped head down with my new COOL glasses and surprised my friends with COOL vision. At least I made them all smile 🙂 But in the second (and last) museum we entered I saw 3 people with the same LAME glasses. My new possession threw me in a social group I didn’t want to belong to, but I fell for the idea of being easily original and I failed to achieve individuality, just the opposite. EPIC FAIL 😀 The weird thing is a friend of mine yesterday was trying to get the same kind but with mirror glasses on ebay to be shipped all the way from the US to Hungary, cuz they “don’t sell them in Budapest” 🙂 Whatever…

That’s my story form Cool to Lame…

Smiley day B) Don’t forget to Be Cool in your own way 🙂


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