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Green? I think I am colorblind then

Most of my friends are obsessed with green way of life – natural cosmetics, organic food, energy-saving bulbs, etc. So am I:) Recently it looks like all the fuss has died down probably because the January sales are on and the only light that is blinking in the human brain is CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP!  which is translated into BUY! BUY! BUY! and the impulse is sent towards the hand that will take out the wallet and get the credit card out and just SPEND! SPEND! SPEND! And it’s not that bad if it was once a year, but it’s not. People buy things they don’t need all the time, they buy even things they don’t wish for the simple act of consuming – because they know they can and so do I. Do you? Think well, before you answer! I have a special facility installed in your monitor that detect lies by the movements of your eyes 🙂 Lying to me, will be like lying to yourself. 😛

FOOD  Look at how much food you throw away every month. Ya, the few grains that you just dumped in the rubbish bin. Why? Cuz they went off. Why they went off? Cuz you left them for a week in the fridge. Of course they will 🙂 what did you expected them to do? To grow a vine yard in there? Ya, come on, those were just a few grains…ya, but when all the thrown food pile up it’s a lot. I personally buy a lot of food and respectively eat a lot and unfortunately throw a lot . So one of my resolutions is to reduce the amount of it all…[I shouldn’t have written that…Green friends, let me live, so I can change myself. I know the planet is already overpopulated, but I don’t deserve to die that young plus by sharing my intention to save  food, I will have to do it  😀 Otherwise all my green friends will track me down and…a banner saying “Forbidden for children under 21, violent and offensive scenes” scroll down the screen…I will move to one shelf in the fridge instead of two and I will buy fresh fruits not in packs of 6-7, but loose ones as many as I need  for today, I promise… (angel face)]

Foodwise, another important issue is organic or not organic, but this will be discussed later, cuz it’s a HUGE topic and  I am not really in the mood. I just had a very unorganic pizza  (angel face repeated)

COSMETICS Just came across a really cool brand Bunt’s Bees. All their products are natural, a bit expensive, but the lip balm is very good. Muah!:* Like Body shop they don’t test on animals, 100% natural staff, use environmental friendly packaging, corporate social responsibility, and so on and so on.

It’s all amazing and I approve it, that’s why keep buying their products, but on the other hand their green politics is just another creative way of getting new clients, cuz I don’t know a person who will go against green ideas, but Vaclav Klaus, but I don’t know him in person, so it doesn’t count 😉  Of course it’s the least worst, but it’s still consumerism. I wish I could use just natural honey instead of all these fancy lip balm. Just check out the shelf in Boots, they have at least 20 (we don’t add the make up in this category, cuz otherwise…I can’t count that much in English, sorry) But using honey… imagine a girl taking her small, delicate handbag and getting a huge jar of honey out of it, sticking her finger in it and all this in the middle of a lecture. Guess the reaction? I will leave this to your imagination and move on to ->

ELECTRICITY saving bulbs have evolved a lot for the last year. Before they used to light up as the Gandalf’s sceptre as Elenko Elenkov (Bulgarian journalist) describes their power in an awesome article about the Eco lifestyle.

Now they are more like a proper light bulb but with very slooow initial reaction. But patience is gold, so it’s a great way to learn to be more tolerant, right? Also sluggish heating up is a bless early in the morning when your eyes are on the same wave as the slooow light bulb. Ok, enough! Wake up now! Dreaming is over.

Lightening is an area that can be improved a lot. Not considering  the domestic lights here, but lights at huge motorways, main roads even on small streets, for instance, in other words  on industrial scale. Bulgaria in this sense can be a bright example of saving energy, cuz we save energy by omitting to put lights up, but that’s not a solution, unless we decide to put up artificial suns instead to light up the night sky. Unfortunately that happens only in thick books and only in Japan and we won’t get the patent anyways.

Electricity is not only about light though. It also gives us warmth, especially now in this chilly winter freezing icy bitter cold. Brrr… But if with light one can measure when they have had enough, with warmth it’s a bit tricky. Maybe it’s my wrong perception of the world, so please forgive me, if I don’t match your taste, but I think it’s normal to wear long sleeves at home when it’s that cold outside.

One doesn’t need to reach sauna temperatures to feel comfortable in her/his room, right? Consuming more just because we can… Especially during winter times, big difference between the temperature inside the house and outside is not recommended. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to freeze to death at home in order not to live through “culture” shock when one goes out, but keeping the house as warm as it’s in sunny California in August is a bit pointless, unhealthy, very expensive and environmentally unfriendly.  That’s why people have invented an amazing device , that can measure how much energy the electrical appliances in the house use and try to reduce it by either substituting them with more energy- saving ones or using them only when it’s really needed.

Oh, you are still here. Wow, I am impressed you managed to finish this 🙂 Ya, that’s the end. I won’t make any conclusions or summary or whatever people do in the end usually, cuz that’s just the end of the beginning 😀

Have a happy day!