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Fruity Guinness by Moniquezzz
Fruity Guinness, a photo by Moniquezzz on Flickr.

This morning I didn’t feel like coffee in the office and decided to substitute the regular white Guinness with a fruity one. Got flavored water in the pint and added three fresh strawberries. At home I went a step further and added some ice, honey and lemons to make it more colourful and tint the grey night:)

REfreshing 😛



Остави, че е спрял на ръба, ами как е слязал от колата 🙂 със стълба? 🙂 Тези родопчани как пестят пространство…

Concentration boost

Revision season is open. Any books that are not on the reading list will be confiscated! No fast literature, no fantasy books allowed! Focus on academic reading. How? Especially after the holiday and before the upcoming semester break. Here what I found on youtube while trying to focus on the coursework readings:

I am sure there are much better ones, but that works for now. The other option is to pick one of the guided meditations on youtube, for instance, and just relax for about 10-15 minutes till the hormones that are pushing you towards your phone or facebook profile calm down 🙂