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Happy Grandma Marta :)

flower by Moniquezzz
flower, a photo by Moniquezzz on Flickr.

Fresh beginning of March! Just a small sign that warm days are coming up 🙂


DreamerZ’ glasses

reflection all by Moniquezzz
reflection all, a photo by Moniquezzz on Flickr.

Everybody is wearing „glasses“ that filter the way we perceive the world, but very often we forget we also reflect back on the world through our actions & words. This green pair for example is for positive thinkers 😉
REflection Irka

REflection Becks

REflection Ivo


kissing 1 by Moniquezzz
kissing 1, a photo by Moniquezzz on Flickr.

kissing 2




Be Cool Original Geeky

Lame glasses by Moniquezzz
Lame glasses, a photo by Moniquezzz on Flickr.

Entered a shop to buy a hair band and ended up buying glasses and what glasses I got…

It is all about the marketing of the product. One can see the pile of sunglasses on a stand and then in the corner  the light is shinning on a set of special “Be Cool” Clear Lens Black Frame Wayfarer Glasses.
They look ridiculous, but that’s exactly what people need sometimes to see something totally out of place so they smile, even laugh, cuz as they say life is too short to take it seriously. In addition, I need glasses for cycling during night, cuz sunglasses are dangerous after 8pm 😛 So why not buy them. I will be original 😛 How lame… But I bought them yesterday.

Last night was the Night of museums in Budapest, so I jumped head down with my new COOL glasses and surprised my friends with COOL vision. At least I made them all smile 🙂 But in the second (and last) museum we entered I saw 3 people with the same LAME glasses. My new possession threw me in a social group I didn’t want to belong to, but I fell for the idea of being easily original and I failed to achieve individuality, just the opposite. EPIC FAIL 😀 The weird thing is a friend of mine yesterday was trying to get the same kind but with mirror glasses on ebay to be shipped all the way from the US to Hungary, cuz they “don’t sell them in Budapest” 🙂 Whatever…

That’s my story form Cool to Lame…

Smiley day B) Don’t forget to Be Cool in your own way 🙂


Last night I took pictures of a thunder storm over the Buda Castle. It was very beautiful, deep and a bit scary. From the nearby coffee shops one could hear live jazz performance, beautiful and lonely. How lonely one can be among people.
I spent about 2 hours trying to capture a lightening. Just when I took this picture the storm reached me.
The strong wind didn’t allow me to keep the camera still anymore and the pouring rain was not helping either 🙂 Trying to hide from the storm, I found another healing music performance, so beautiful and so inspiring…

So light, so free

Buda Castle

Budapest Castle by Moniquezzz
Budapest Castle, a photo by Moniquezzz on Flickr.

Last night I stopped by the park Tabán just behind the Budavári Palota (also called the Royal Palace). Just after working hours is full of people walking their dogs, but the rush hour is 6-7:30ish then the place is very peaceful with amazing view. You can see how Budapest is waking up for its night life. Lovely place.

Graffiti Competition

It's ritevinylGraffittiBlueaaaagggrrrhh
SprayWorkingGraffitiGraffitiGraffiti competitioncreatorThe Prince and the PauperCity lights graffiti

Graffiti Competition, a set on Flickr.

As part of OFFLINE MUSIC FESTIVAL 6 there is a graffiti competition going on today near Varosliget Park in Budapest

Vibrant Mnmal

Vibrant Mnmal by Moniquezzz
Vibrant Mnmal, a photo by Moniquezzz on Flickr.

Was a bit bored in the beginning of this weekend, so decided to fill the time with something slightly more constructive than watching movies. The idea came from an article I read recently about living in a minimalist style. Do more with less is a great philosophy, especially when it comes down to using resources or people’s feelings, but in some aspects of life too much is never enough, so I tried to put my thoughts into this oxymoron Vibrant Minimal… some will say, piece of rubbish 🙂 That’s where it’s going in the end of the month- in the trash, but for now it’s the decoration on my wall. And as I had even more time on Saturday, here is a try for a video for this poster:

Enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂

The Art of Light

Art of Light  by Moniquezzz
Art of Light , a photo by Moniquezzz on Flickr.

People chilling outside the Palace of Arts in Budapest- Photo of Today

Today, I mean yesterday was the opening night of the Art of Light by Moholy-Nagy László, Hungarian photographer, painter and film maker, in the Museum of Arts in Budapest.

As a photographer Moholy-Nagy has experimented a lot in the dark room by using not just his hands and the developer to paint over the photo paper, but also materials like nets and glasses to garnish his photograms. The results are not as impressive though as his photo portraits. The ones I like most are Children on the beach series. Moholy-Nagy manages very well the light balance between the sand and the face of the people on the pic, probably with quite a lot of burning and dodging in the dark room, but still very successfully. His framing is very original and they are just photos that talk, you can feel the sun on your skin, where did you leave your sunglasses?!

The paintings in the exhibition are either minimalistic, geometrical or constructivist, bringing up social issues.  Didn’t quite get what the second has to do with light, but I guess it can be seen as enLIGHTening the society 😛

There are also a few experimental movies by Moholy-Nagy  being projected in the halls. Even though this type of films I can’t enjoy for more than 50 seconds (maybe it’s my attention span, maybe I am not made to appreciate this kind of art… no comment), the audience looked fascinated and I believe the movies are pretty good for that genre.

Interesting part of the exhibition is the pictures of his Lumino Kinetic artworks, for example Light-Space Modulator. Unfortunately it is only pictures of the constructions themselves, but it is worth spending the time and examining them in details. How the parts are moving what shadows they create. Beautyytytyty.  In fact, Moholy-Nagy “can be regarded as one of the fathers of Lumino kinetic art.” This influence can be seen in some of his paintings too. They have a second layer of glass decorated with elements that throw shadows on the painting below. Depending on the angle, depending on the light the audience perceive it in a new way. I believe the curator could have placed these artworks in a more interesting spots where the light can change, but ya, it’s easy to criticize :0

Wonderful exhibition, absolutely amazing music with DJ Palotai outside with great visualization by Urbanizer.

Why I am writing all this, cuz !nsomn!a is back and I am trying to fill the night (: The question is why are you reading it 🙂

Good night…

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